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About Us



CAE Services introduced the Mold-Vac unit in 1988. The Mold-Vac was developed to solve the one common problem that all molders have . . . gas & air entrapment. Thousands of Mold-Vac’s have been successfully installed since it’s inception, and many of these same units are still being utilized today. Go to our success story page for more info.


Depending upon first stage fill time, part volume, and cavitation we now have (4) units to which select from;  4,000 – 10,000 – 20,000, and  40,000. Our units are unmatched in the industry in solving part quality issues such as; part burns, short shots, voids, and cosmetic defects. Not only does the Mold-Vac remove air & gases from your mold, it also features a unique blowback control. Which keeps your vent pins clean for reduced maintenance.


In addition to our Mold-Vac technology, CAE Services specializes in Moldflow consulting services.

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