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Mold-Vac Units



The Mold-Vac units are advanced mold evacuation systems designed specifically to for the needs of the injection molder.


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Unit In-Depth



Vacuum Generation

Eliminates part burns, voids, and short shots; reduces reject rates and improves part quality. Vacuum cycle can be adjusted from 0-26" hg.


Blowback Function

The two-phase blowback assists in part ejection (1st phase) and purges vented pins (2nd phase). Purging of the vent pins reduces mold maintenance and increases productivity.


Precise Control

Custom precision microprocessor allows for precise control of vacuum and blowback functions. Vacuum control can be adjusted to 1/10th of a second, eliminating flash and improving part quality.



The self-contained, compact design and quick disconnects allow the Mold-Vac to be easily moved from press to press.



Mold-Vac is available in (4) sizes. Unit selection is based on 1st stage fill time, cavitation, and part volume(in3).



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